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Cathedral of Christ the King
Atlanta, GA
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This large French Gothic styled building (with art deco details echoing its 1930s construction) is now the spiritual home to Atlanta’s many Catholics, and is in almost constant use throughout the week. We designed comprehensive new sound systems for speech and music reinforcement at the front and rear of the worship space to accommodate the Cathedral’s wide ranging music programs without sacrificing intelligibility of the spoken word. To be complete by late 2005.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Rock Creek Parish
Washington, DC
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A renewal and upgrade project brought this historic 18th century church back to its visual origins, but forward into the 21st century technically, all in support of modern liturgical practice. A new sound system in the highly reverberant church provides excellent speech reinforcement. We also improved musical acoustics and reduced background noise for enhancement of worship services and concerts.

Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Savannah, GA
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Restored in 2000 to its original beauty (and so much more), this splendid 1875 Cathedral is in the Flamboyant French Gothic style of its era. With reverberation of 6 seconds, speech intelligibility was previously impossible. Our speech reinforcement sound system at the front of the Cathedral neatly solved this problem for the first time in 125 years! A choir soloist music reinforcement system for the rear balcony assists a variety of parish choirs.

The Church of the Redeemer
Chestnut Hill, MA
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This splendid large parish church by architect Henry Vaughan was acoustically "toned down" by application of thick ceiling tile within a few years of its construction. The spoken word may have been improved but, alas, all musical and liturgical magic was lost in that bargain. We guided the church through a modest renovation which restored the original plaster ceiling, and with it the fine original acoustics.

First Presbyterian Church
New Bern, NC
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Built in 1822, this historic New England style meeting house has been restored to its original, simple beauty. We were asked to design the congregation’s very first speech reinforcement sound system, and also helped reduce mechanical equipment noise for enhancement of both speech and musical acoustics.

St. Martin-In-the-Fields Episcopal Church
Philadelphia, PA
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Restoration of this 19th century church revealed bold Victorian Gothic decoration which had been lost under decades of dingy white paint. A new speech reinforcement sound system provides intelligible speech in the lively acoustic but with minimal visual impact on the architecture.

Church of the Holy Cross
New York, NY
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The oldest building on New York City's famed 42nd Street, Holy Cross is a beacon of faith, hope and refuge for the area's Roman Catholics, past, present and future. The parish stands poised to renew itself and serve for generations to come. We have designed a new speech reinforcement sound system as well as sound isolation upgrades, part of a major renewal and restoration project.

Congregation Agudas Achim
Austin, TX
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The new sanctuary for this Conservative congregation seats 1000 in a modern interpretation of traditional Sephardic synagogues, with worshipers seated on three sides of a central bema, facing east toward the Ark and front bema. Our sound system provides effective but subtle speech reinforcement for simultaneous “location imaging” of talkers at both the front and central bemas.

West Market Street United Methodist Church
Greensboro, NC
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An imaginative renovation upgraded this late 19th century “Akron plan” sanctuary to meet contemporary worship requirements yet remains in harmony with the original Romanesque style. The new speech reinforcement sound system design successfully overcame considerable architectural limitations for loudspeaker placement.

St. John’s Seminary Chapel
Brighton, MA
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Restored to its original splendor, this mid 19th century Italianate styled seminary chapel has always had marvelous acoustics for traditional liturgical music of the Roman Catholic church, but at the cost of poor speech intelligibility. A new speech reinforcement sound system at the front of the chapel now solves that long standing problem. A cantor and soloist music reinforcement system at the rear assists the seminary choir.

Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill
Philadelphia, PA
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Renovation of this Federal style church improved greatly upon the original 1950s architecture and formerly dull acoustical environment. A new sound system provides much needed speech intelligibility for the large congregation without imposing limitations on the lively musical acoustics.

First Church of Christ, Scientist
Greenwich, CT
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This understated Federal colonial style church remains in nearly its original 1930s condition, including a monumental ceiling dome which focuses sound here and there, seeming at random. Speech intelligibility from the readers’ platform was truly hit or miss. At the congregation’s request we designed a speech reinforcement sound system to improve speech acoustics without needing to modify the dome or otherwise compromise the pleasant natural musical acoustics.

St. James’s Episcopal Church
Richmond, VA
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Completely destroyed by fire in 1994, this Georgian styled church was rebuilt in 1997 with every bit of its original splendor restored (and then some). Musical acoustics had been enhanced with the addition of a new vaulted ceiling, highlighting the need for improved speech intelligibility. Our innovative speech reinforcement sound system design addressed the needs of both speech acoustics and visual aesthetics.

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• Cathedral of Christ the King (Roman Catholic), Atlanta GA

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (Roman Catholic), Savannah GA

• Christ Church Cathedral (Episcopal), Louisville KY

• Church of the Holy Cross (Roman Catholic), New York NY

• Church of the Redeemer (Episcopal), Chestnut Hill MA

Congregation Agudas Achim (Conservative), Austin TX

• Congregation Beth Sholom (Orthodox), Lawrence NY

Congregation Shearith Israel (Orthodox), New York NY

First Church of Christ Scientist, Greenwich CT

First Presbyterian Church, New Bern NC

• Free Synagogue of Flushing (Reform), Flushing Queens, New York NY

The Hampton Synagogue (Orthodox), Westhampton Beach NY

• Miller Chapel (Princeton Theological Seminary), Princeton NJ

• Park Avenue Synagogue (Conservative), New York NY

Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia PA

St. James’s Episcopal Church, Richmond VA

• St. James-the-Less Episcopal Church, Scarsdale NY

St. John’s Seminary Chapel (Roman Catholic), Brighton MA

• St. Joseph’s Abbey (Trappist Brothers), Spencer MA

St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church, Philadelphia PA

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Rock Creek Parish, Washington DC

• Temple Emanu-El (Reform), New York NY

West Market Street United Methodist Church, Greensboro NC

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