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As specialist acoustics consultants, Clayton Acoustics Group brings considerable “value-added” services to every project. We seek to develop a strong dynamic relationship with our clients, encouraging them to work with us step by step as we strive for excellence throughout both design and construction. Our goal is to identify and design the best solution to meet the users’ needs, within the owner’s budget, and then see the project through to proper completion.

A cooperative and professional working style between consultants, engineers and architect during design, and later with the contractors during installation, helps ensure the success of any project. In our experience the best results are achieved when the owner, users and design team share a vision for the final artistic result and are able to work productively with the contractors to achieve it.

Clayton Acoustics Group is an independent professional consulting firm which works only for facility owners or other design professionals. We are consultants and designers, not contractors, installers or equipment resellers. We do not have financial or business interests in the product manufacturing companies or contracting firms we may recommend. This independence allows us the necessary freedom to best represent the needs of our clients throughout a project.

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