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Clayton Acoustics Group is an acoustics and sound system consulting firm with a wide range of experience, specializing in projects for houses of worship and the performing arts. We offer a full scope of architectural acoustics consulting services, and specialist areas of our work are room acoustics, speech-reinforcement sound system design and pipe organ acoustics.

Our projects include new construction, renovation, and historic preservation and restoration for churches, synagogues, theatres and auditoriums. We provide a broad range of project work which typically runs from stand-alone sound systems to complex, full-scale, multi-discipline facilities.

For houses of worship, our emphasis is on churches and synagogues with traditional liturgies and strong music programs.

Performing arts facilities include a wide variety of building types, such as multipurpose high school and community auditoriums, college theatres and music facilities, plus historic vaudeville, music hall and theatre renovations.

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