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Acoustics & Audio

Professional Organizations

Acoustical Society of America (ASA)
ASA Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics (TCAA)
Audio Engineering Society (AES)
Synergetic Audio Concepts, Inc. (Syn-Aud-Con)

Journals and Trade Publications

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (a monthly peer-reviewed publication of the ASA) (an educational service of the ASA)
Echoes (a general-interest quarterly newsletter of the ASA)
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society (a monthly peer-reviewed publication of the AES)
Sound & Vibration (a monthly noise and vibration trade magazine)

Reference Resources (a general resource about acoustics and design)
Acoustics FAQ (basic acoustics questions and answers from alt.sci.physics.acoustics)
Acoustics FAQ (an enhanced version of the above FAQ, in HTML format, from Campanella Associates)
Aurora (one of CAG's computer-based measurement and analysis tools,
  from Angelo Farina at the University of Parma, Italy)

CATT-Acoustic (one of CAG's computer modeling design tools
  from CATT / Bengt-Inge Dalenback, Sweden)

Musical Acoustics Research Library (collection of independent archives and
  libraries at Stanford University)

Pro Audio Reference (a hyper-linked encyclopedia from Rane Corp.)
Smaart (one of CAG's computer-based measurement and analysis tools, from SIA Software)
Sound and Vibration Measurement Primers (downloadable guides from Bruel & Kjaer, Denmark) (a general resource and compendium of web links for acoustics and vibration)
Yahoo Directory of Physics > Acoustics (a general resource and
  compendium of web links for a wide range of acoustics topics)

Religious Institutions and Houses of Worship


Association of Consultants for Liturgical Space (ACLS)
Interfaith Forum on Religious Art and Architecture (IFRAA, an AIA "Knowledge Community")
Partners for Sacred Places
Zomet Institute (Alon Shevut, Gush Etzion, Israel)

Journals and Trade Publications

Faith & Form (a tri-monthly publication affiliated with IFRAA)
Sacred Architecture Journal (a tri-monthly publication of the Institute for Sacred Architecture)
Traditional Building Magazine (a bi-monthly publication of Restore Media LLC)

Reference Resources

Built of Living Stones: Art, Architecture, and Worship (a publication of the United States Conference of   Catholic Bishops, Committee on the Liturgy)

Pipe Organs


American Guild of Organists (AGO)
AGO Chapters (list of links to chapters with web sites)
AGO Organ Library at Boston University (a project of the AGO Boston Chapter)
American Institute of Organbuilders (AIO)
American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS)
Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America (APOBA)
Göteborg Organ Art Center (GoArt)
International Society of Organbuilders (ISO)
Organ Historical Society (OHS)
OHS American Organ Archives
Royal Canadian College of Organists (RCCO)

Journals and Trade Publications

The American Organist (a monthly publication of the AGO)
The Diapason (a monthly publication of Scranton Gillette Communications)
Journal of American Organbuilding (a quarterly publication of the AIO)
Pipedreams (a weekly radio program from Minnesota Public Radio)
The Tracker (a quarterly publication of the OHS)
Choir & Organ (a bi-monthly publication of Newsquest Specialist Media Ltd, UK)
The Organ (a quarterly publication of Musical Opinion Ltd., UK)

Miscellaneous Reference Resources

Accessible Faith: A Technical Guide for Accessibility in Houses of Worship
ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG)

Useful Utilities

Adobe Reader (PDF format, from Adobe Systems, Inc.)
AutoCAD DWF Viewer (Autodesk, Inc.)
DWG Viewer (for AutoCAD formats, from Informative Graphics Corp.)
Excel Viewer (Microsoft Corp.)
PowerPoint Viewer (Microsoft Corp.)
Word Viewer (Microsoft Corp.)
iBrowser Image Viewer (fCoder, Inc.)
RealPlayer (audio/video player from RealNetworks, Inc.)
Windows Media Player (Microsoft Corp.)
Measurement & Units Converter (an online service of Autodesk, Inc.)


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