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Design Approach for Houses of Worship

Clayton Acoustics Group’s design philosophy and consulting practice are acoustics-centered and engineering-based. The natural room acoustics and sound system must fully be part of the architectural design, and selection of materials and equipment must serve this goal exclusively. We support the theory that acoustics is architecture, as well as the equally important corollary audio is acoustics, and always look for simple, flexible and elegant solutions which meet our clients’ needs.

Many of our projects are houses of worship, with a clear emphasis on churches and synagogues having traditional liturgies and strong music programs. Successful worship spaces share highly-valued qualities such as clarity for intelligible speech, reverberance for liturgical music, responsiveness for congregational participation, and low background noise for enhancement of all sounds. We most often serve those congregations which wish to retain or even enhance the natural worship-space acoustics and may also require a high quality speech-reinforcement sound system to provide excellent speech intelligibility. We also help our clients with a variety of organ-related acoustics issues.

Many worship buildings, old and new, can be challenging spaces in which to achieve the right acoustical balance between music and speech requirements. A practical and sensitive design based upon solid acoustics principles, with careful attention to detail and thoroughness of purpose, can achieve excellent results.

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