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Houses of Worship
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Many of our projects are houses of worship, with a clear emphasis on churches and synagogues having traditional liturgies and strong music programs. Read More about some of the congregations which we helped realize excellence in worship-space acoustics and for whom we also designed high quality speech-reinforcement sound systems.

Orthodox Synagogues
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A speciality focus of our projects for houses of worship is Orthodox synagogues, where high-quality speech intelligibility is always the primary goal. Our flexible design approach has found solutions which optimize natural acoustics for those congregations observing the strictest interpretations of Halacha, as well as “Zomet” Shabbat speech-reinforcement sound systems for those Modern Orthodox congregations on the leading edge.

Performing Arts
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Our performing arts facilities include a wide variety of projects, such as multipurpose high school and community auditoriums, college theatres and music facilities, plus historic vaudeville, music hall and theatre renovations. Follow the Read More link for a few of our project profiles.

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