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Cathedral of Christ the King
Atlanta, GA

The parish of Christ the King was established in 1936, and elevated to Co-Cathedral status in 1937 when the Diocese of Savannah was changed to the Diocese of Savannah-Atlanta. In 1956 the Diocese (now Archdiocese) of Atlanta was created, raising the status to Cathedral of Christ the King. A French Gothic architectural style of the old world was selected for the new Cathedral, but statuary, decoration and other details were executed in an Art Deco style reflecting the building’s 1937 construction. Spiritual home to Atlanta’s growing and diverse Catholic community, Christ the King is in almost constant use throughout the week. At many masses the Cathedral’s 700 seats are filled to capacity and beyond. The equally busy liturgical music program is divided between traditional adult and children’s choirs (supported by a 1992 Goulding & Wood pipe organ in the rear balcony) and several contemporary ensembles (which perform primarily from the left transept). We designed comprehensive new sound amplification systems for speech and music reinforcement at the front and rear of the Cathedral. These systems will accommodate the wide ranging contemporary music program without sacrificing intelligibility of the spoken word. Separate “speech,” “music” and “recording” systems are implemented in a programmable digital-audio system with wireless remote control. Our design includes several future project phases: completion of the rear balcony system, two-way wireless link to a portable outdoor sound system, reverberance enhancement system for the nave, and more. Initial project completion is scheduled for Fall 2005.

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