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Congregation Agudas Achim
Austin, TX

This strikingly modern Sephardic-style sanctuary was built in 2001 by a large and growing Conservative congregation. Main floor and balcony levels seat one thousand, and wrap around three sides of the sanctuary which features a central bema for Torah reading. The front bema, with Ark and rabbi’s pulpit, is at the east wall. The sound system provides “hands-free” speech and vocal reinforcement for worship services. Microphone signals from talkers at the front and center bemas are fed through automatic mixers and then a multichannel digital signal processor configured with an innovative “zoned delay - level - mixing matrix.” A ten-zone system of overhead distributed ceiling and pendant loudspeakers are discretely integrated into the building. This complex system simultaneously maintains “location realism” to talkers at both bemas for listeners throughout the sanctuary.

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