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Presbyterian Church of Chestnut Hill
Philadelphia, PA

This mid-20th century church sanctuary has a picturesque stone exterior in authentic Federal colonial style, but had an awkward and uninviting “modern” interior. A modest renovation utterly transformed the sanctuary: a rearranged chancel, new and reconfigured liturgical furniture, architectural moldings, window shutters, and accent lighting were elegantly designed in the spirit of traditional colonial interiors. The choir was moved to an enlarged rear balcony which received a new pipe organ by N.P. Mander (2000). We designed a new speech reinforcement sound system to replace the previous poor quality, unattractive amplification system. Steerable line-array loudspeakers in the front nave corners support left-right imaging for directional realism from the pulpit and lectern. Sound system control is entirely “hands-free” for worship services. A separate fellowship hall sound system was also included in the project.

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